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Get Pre-Approved and Check Current Interest Rates

Mar 13, 2024

With mortgage interest rates beginning to rise, now is the time to lock into a mortgage rate. When you are shopping for a new home it is advisable to go into the offer stage with a pre-approved mortgage. This provides an advantage to the buyer who can then negotiate the price of the home to meet their per-approved amount.

You can easily check rates and get pre-approved for a home mortgage loan with MortgageDepot.

Home prices are very high, as are current interest rates. It is a seller’s market. Taking advantage of this type of opportunity will provide you with a great asset shortly as home prices begin to rise again.

Please take a minute to fill out and submit the form below and a member of MortgageDepot, will give you a call within 24 hours. The MortgageDepot team will be glad to look over your financial details and then give you an idea of your purchasing power. MortgageDepot is a full-service mortgage broker with a solid reputation for quality financial products and services.

Fresh Meadows Realty is proud to be working with MortgageDepot to provide financing options to its buyers and sellers.