Benjamin Kaziyev

Benjamin Kaziyev is a dedicated mortgage loan officer at MortgageDepot, committed to helping clients secure the best financing options for their real estate needs. Recently, MortgageDepot has partnered with Fresh Meadows Realty to provide specialized mortgage solutions for clients looking to purchase property in the vibrant neighborhood of Fresh Meadows. This partnership aims to streamline the mortgage process and offer tailored financial solutions to meet the unique needs of homebuyers in the Fresh Meadows area. With Benjamin Kaziyev’s expertise and MortgageDepot’s commitment to excellence, clients can expect a seamless and efficient mortgage experience when working with this dynamic team.

  • First-time home buyer specialist
  • 100% financing for veterans
  • Reverse mortgages for seniors
  • Mixed-use property loans
  • No income check loans

Benjamin Kaziyev is a skilled mortgage loan officer at MortgageDepot, dedicated to assisting clients with their mortgage needs in Fresh Meadows. We invite you to contact Ben and see if you qualify for a loan or if know you qualify for a loan, contact Ben to see if he offers the best terms possible.