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Guaranteed Program

Selling your house can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why the staff at Fresh Meadows Realty will do anything they can to get your home sold on your terms. Our “Guaranteed” program can help put your mind at ease if you are committed to selling your most valuable financial asset. The best part about our “Guaranteed” program is that it’s FREE! In addition, you are guaranteed to get results.

Under out “Guaranteed” program, we promise to sell your home in 25 days or less. If we can’t meet that goal, then we will sell your home for FREE!

More Information About the Program

Just to be sure you understand the program fully, our staff will create a contract which gives you information about the details of the “Guaranteed” program. Basically, the contract states that if we do not sell your home within 25 days at a price that is acceptable to you, we’ll sell your home free. That means that our agents will not get any commission off the sale.

You’ll need to meet some conditions in order to register for this amazing program.

1. Your property will need to be in good condition. We can’t accept homes that are not completely built.

2. Your asking price must be realistic. If your want to ask a significant amount more than the appraisal amount for your property, we can not guarantee to sell your home within 25 days or less.

Benefits of The Program

With the program, you can rest easy. You know that your house will be sold at the price you want in 25 days or less. There’s no risk to you! In addition, you are guaranteed to get quick results. Imagine selling your home in less than a month and getting your asking price!

For more information, call Fresh Meadows Realty today at (718) 380-5000.